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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoMotion Dance's policy on refunds? 

-No refunds (except for medical excuses from a doctor or in the case of moving/relocation).

-CoMotion Dance is able to refuse admittance in the case of an outstanding balance.

What are the enrollment periods?

-Enrollment will start July 15th (Fall), December 1st (Winter), and May 15th (Summer)
-Students are enrolled in the same class/classes for the entire year.
-No new students will be added to the winter session due to our spring recital.

What about the case of inclement weather?
-Dance class won't be cancelled due to school snow days.  CoMotion Dance will make an annoucement by noon that day

-If classes are cancelled, we will notify our students by text, email and through social media.

What is the CoMotion Dance dress code?

-Tiny Dancer classes: black/pink leotard and pink tights.  Pink ballet shoes and  black tap shoes if level 2. Black or Pink skirts are permitted.  For safety reasons, we do not allow house slippers.

Ballet: Black leotard and pink tights with pink ballet shoes.

Jazz: Form-fitting clothing with jazz shoes.

Tap: Form-fitting clothing with tap shoes.

Hip-Hop: Street attire (no jeans) and athletic shoes.

When should my child begin dance?

-Dancers must be 3 by January 1, and dancers MUST be potty trained to be enrolled in classes.


**CoMotion Dance and the instructors are not liable for personal injuries, and/or loss of or damage to personal property.**

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