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2024 Fall Schedule







UNLIMITED Monthly Classes:

    Beginner & Intermediate level unlimited:  $200/month

    Int/Adv & Advanced level unlimited:  $250/month

-1st class:  $50/month  (based on 1 hour class times)

-2nd class:  $50/month  (based on 1 hour class times)

-Each additional class:  $25/month  (price break on 3 or more classes/based on 1 hour class times)

-Full Semester Tuition paid in full by October 11th, 2024 = 10% discount

-Registration fee:  $50/year per  family  

Sibling Discount:    2nd child = 10% savings on regular classes

                              3rd child = 25% savings on regular classes

Mommy and Me Class: For dancers ages 18 months- 3 years, a parent must be in attendance for the entire class​

Tiny Dancer: Ages 3-5


Tiny Dancer 1 class is a combination class:  Ballet/Tumbling (ages 3-4) Must be potty-trained 

Tiny Dancer 2 class is a combination class:  Ballet/Tap (ages 4-5)

All other class placements must be done by CoMotion Dance Staff.



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