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The 1st and 2nd classes are $50 each ($67.50 for 1.5 hr classes), per month/per dancer.  Each additional class after the second will be $25/month.  Each class meets once a week.   


1 CLASS  (1 hr class)    = $50/month  

2 CLASSES (1 hr class) = $100/month 

3 CLASSES (1 hr class) = $125/month  

4 CLASSES (1 hr class) = $150/month 

1 CLASS (2 hr class)     = $100/month

-Registration fee:  $50/year per family  

UNLIMITED CLASSES = $250/month  (for Int/Adv & Adv levels only)

                                 = $175/month  (for Int & Beginner levels only)


***SUMMER UNLIMITED = $175/month***

Sibling Discount Starting September 2021: 

2nd child = 10% savings/ month on dance tuition 

3rd child = 25% savings/ month on dance tuition 


Tiny Dancer: Ages 3-5


Tiny Dancer I: 3-4 yr old  combination class:  Ballet/Tumbling (must be potty trained)

Tiny Dancer II: 4-5 yr old combination class:  Ballet/Tap


Beginner:  ages 5-7 (must be starting Kindergarten) 

Intermediate:  ages 8-12

Advanced:  by audition only

Adult:  ages 17 & up

These are simply guidelines for placement. 


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